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COVID-19 Protocols & Telehealth Counseling Options

Last Updated: 3/26/2022- Lobby Is Opened

In balancing the consideration of the wide availability of COVID-19 vaccines/boosters for those that choose them, while also wanting to be mindful of public and individual concerns around many of the continually emerging variants of the COVID-19 virus, Haven has set the following office protocols as our clinic standards at the present time. As of this posting, our practice has availability for both in-person sessions and telehealth sessions.


If you are using the lobby at Haven, we encourage people to respect the choices and comfort of others in choosing to wear a masks/face coverings or not to wear one.  Our other protocols are as follows:

  • When requesting an appointment, both telehealth/remote or in-person sessions are available for most of our therapists. If you need to make changes to your appointment type, please email/call your provider to have this adjusted. Any client may switch their appointment to telehealth/remote by reaching out to their provider.

  • For those who are coming for in-person sessions, are providers will typically not be wearing a face coverings during sessions, as the dimensions/sizes of our offices mean we can sit with our clients while maintaining social distancing. If you would prefer for your therapist to wear a mask during your session, we are happy to accommodate your request.​

  • No client shall be seen in-person if they are showing any symptoms of illness (including allergies). If a client comes to an in-person appointment and is showing symptoms of illness without contacting their provider to reschedule, the session will be canceled with the cancellation fee (50% of the regular session fee).

  • Restrooms are available for clients in the main lobby. 

  • These steps/requirements will be in place until otherwise noted, and may be subject to change with new directives from the governor's office, the Knox County Health Department, and/or the clinic leadership at Haven.

We appreciate everyone's understanding in this time. And we will continue to assess the situation and make updates.


All requests for counseling sessions can be done through our main online booking system (Click here)  and you may choose "Video Office" for telehealth options or "Haven Counseling Centerfor in-person options. Both our in-person scheduler and our telehealth system is run through SimplePractice, and you can find out more information about the process in the video below.

We can connect with you for telehealth sessions if you are using most laptop computers (in your browser), and on most phones and tablets through the "Telehealth by SimplePractice" app (click here for iPhone/iPad and Android versions).

If you have general questions, please email our clinic director, Dr. David HallFor questions for a specific provider, please connect them through their profile pages here:

Request a Counseling Appointment Here

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