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Haven's Mission Statement

Haven is a practice that desires to meet the emotional, behavioral, and relational health needs of the wider Knoxville community, with a particular focus on serving those looking for faith-sensitive services, where belief and religious values can be included in the process and goals for counseling with purposeful support; and without contempt, condescension, or negative judgement.

As a group of providers, we at Haven want to be centered on a rule of life that seeks God and His transformation for ourselves and the world around us. We are committed to this worldview that calls us to engage with others in their needs. We identify to, and commit ourselves in, a rule of life as a Christian community to pursue our clinical work with humility, honesty, faithfulness, consistency, and mutual accountability; towards the people we serve and in the care and regard that we hold for each other. And though we claim this identity for ourselves, we want to be in the service of all people, regardless of their own beliefs, values, or questions.

In regards to faith, whether a person's perspective is Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, questioning, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Humanist, Buddhist, or any other belief or unbelief, we want them to be welcomed and assured that we will strive to be respectful and open to the values and questions that a person brings to the counseling process.


And outside of the perspectives of faith and religion, our practice desires to meet people in the spaces that matter to them in how they see their lives and values. Whether regarding a person's experience in their family background, race/ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, work/profession, education level, or political perspectives, our clinicians are committed to work to be respectful supports for those we serve.

We hope that you will consider setting up an appointment with us.

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