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Counseling & Psychotherapy Services

In the mental health world, counseling and/or therapy is the process of meeting regularly with a clinician and talking through the issues you want to resolve while they help you strategize solutions, as well as being a safe place to offer understanding and comfort. Clinicians that offer these services include providers trained in psychology, marriage and family therapy, professional/mental health counseling, and clinical social work.

Counseling and therapy (or more specifically “psychotherapy” which means “healing of the soul”) are often used interchangeably, though there are some subtle differences. “Counseling” can be understood to have a greater focus on helping people address specific issues, such as a depressive episode or a family conflict, and is more focused on immediate problem solving. Counseling, when understood in this way, can also be seen as more of a short-term process. Whereas “psychotherapy” is more long-term and in-depth, focusing on both internal mental/emotional and relational dynamics that effect how a person or group reaches larger goals, experiences the world around them, and engages in behavioral and/or relational patterns. At Haven, we use both the terms “counselor” and “therapist” because our clinicians are trained in both these perspectives of engaging with people, and are able to work with individuals, couples, families, and groups, in meeting both short-term and long-term goals relating to their emotional, behavioral, and relational health.


Clinicians in our practice have training in working with anxiety and depression, trauma informed care,  marriage counseling, spiritual formation, career counseling, working with sexual issues, addiction treatment, disordered eating, clinical hypnosis, and much more. Click here for a full list of our providers. If you would like to book with one of our providers, please call or book online here:

Book a Counseling/Therapy Appointment Here

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