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COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Last Updated: 3/25/2020


As our community continues to deal with the social and emotional effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Haven want to offer support and resources as we can. See below for our resources and guides.

Online Counseling/Therapy Services

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The counseling providers in our clinic are all offering their sessions in video/telehealth, with additional scholarship funding contributed by both our clinic and individual providers for reduced fee sessions for those experiencing financial hardships created in the quarantine.


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Telehealth Counseling/Therapy Providers

Find Knoxville area mental health providers offering remote/telehealth sessions. Listed therapists can work with a variety of insurance plans and offer services for many age groups, couples, and families.


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Tip-Sheets & Guides

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Smart Snacks in Quarantine


When under stress, our bodies tend to crave a lot of what is called "hyper-palatable" foods. These give us quick calories and the psychology is tied to our survival instincts. But binging on junk is not just bad for our physical health, but can also be negative for our emotional state. See our suggestions

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Caring Well During Quarantine


In a time when many of us feel helpless, finding practical ways to positively impact those around us can give us a sense of purpose. We wanted to share some ideas on how to care for others during quarantine.

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Being Productive in Quarantine


Though the financial and personal pressure of quarantine is a very real stress for individuals and families, there are ways that we can look for ways to be productive when in enforced limits. Here are some ideas we wanted to share on being productive while at home.

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What to do in Quarantine


See our guide with resources on how to stay physically active, connect with others, explore new things, and find new normals during this time around COVID-19

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Online Courses

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Haven Psych Academy


Haven Psych Academy is our collaborative online school. We have both free and premium courses related to emotions, behaviors, habits, relationship, and spirituality.

As you are looking for ways to positively spend time, consider one of our courses.

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Check back in the coming days as we add resources, or connect below with your email and we will send you resources as we post them.

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